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We Love Hair Bows 💕 

Everything starts somewhere - there's a story behind every small business, every hobby shop, every passion project. 

🖤 This past winter, I bought BabyL all these very adorable, very modern outfits with black details. Trés adorable, plus trés expensive so I spent more energy than normal making sure she wore them and even worse, making sure they stayed unstained.

🖤 BabyL has long sandy blond hair and she has to wear her hair pulled back from her face every day. For the life of me, I couldn't find a plain, black hair bow. And the ones I could find cost more than the expensive outfits I'd already purchased - $30 for a hair bow??? A after months of (seemingly obsessive) shopping on my part, I muttered an expletive, and drained my glass of vino and said to my husband "Babe, I'm starting a bow business."

🖤 The Jet Black Bow brought us to where we are, and I'm thrilled to carry a whole thwack of plain, solid colour grosgrain hair bows to accessorize your toddler and kids hair with