Let's All DO LESS Together! 5 Great Yoga Poses for You and Your Kids

Let's All DO LESS Together!

5 Great yoga Poses for you and your Kids

Today my most amazing and inspiring friend Beth from Art-Full of Life is on the blog with 5 yoga poses for kids. Beth is a incredible yoga and movement teacher, with a beautiful and strong holistic approach to using your body in way that are healthy and invigorating. 

At The Bow Shoppe, we are not all about the bows. Honestly, we can't spend that much time talking about hair bows. So we're aiming to bring you monthly content and blogs that are resources to help your life flow more smoothly, if even for just five minutes. 

Are you in the thick of spring scheduling mayhem with your kids and just wish you could all sloooow down more, breath and do LESS? Well, guess what - you can, and it doesn't have to take a lot of energy or time! In a society, where being busy is glorified, can we reverse that group mentality by giving ourselves and our kids permission to do less or... gulp, to even just do nothing? There I said it, do nothing. Trust you me, as a mother of 2 and a productivity - o - holic, this does not come easy for me, but I refuse to have my kids see there Mom in a constant state of 'busy' and form the habit or thought pattern, that being busy somehow makes you a more superior or better human. I want my kids to know it's ok to rest, it's ok to have downtown, and it's ok and yes, even necessary in our culture to schedule in that downtime!

To help us all slow down and do less here are 5 easy and fun yoga poses to do together with your kids - inside or outside and all you require is a body...anybody at all can join in!


Child's Pose:

Great for digestion, slowing down the nervous system and connecting to your breath, child's pose is simple and accessible. Hang out here for 2-10 mins allowing your body to soften and release one breath at a time.

Tree Pose:

A kid favorite and adults too! Great for balance, stability, proprioception, and connecting to your breath. There are many different ways tree pose can look so don't strive for perfection, but rather, have fun, breath and have a competition to see who can hold tree pose the longest!

Tummy time for spinal extension:

We give our babies tummy time until they start crawling, and then we stop. Cold turkey....but why stop?? Let's bring back tummy time for kids and adults alike! Lay on your tummy and extend your arms out in front of you. Now slowly circle your arms all the way behind you like they are a set of wings and you are flying. Try touching your hands together behind your back and then circling them all the way back to the front to touch again. You can even do this together and play a game of high five! Move slowly and stay connected to your breath and try to keep your arms lifted off the floor the whole time.

Warrior II:

A beautiful pose to practice resiliency and to be brave. Stand firm with your legs about one of your own leg s distance apart. Keep the back foot rooted firmly into the ground and the front foot facing forward. Your hips will stay facing the side while you will rotate your upper body to the front. Extend your arms, one in front one in behind and connect to your strong warrior breath. Now use your imagination and pretend you are a warrior! Allow your breath to guide you through different movements in this pose- play, have fun, and find your warrior spirit!


Commonly known as the final resting pose in a yoga class, savasana is genuinely the most amazing of all yoga poses. Allow yourself to lay in complete stillness, bring awareness to your breath and your surroundings, and let gravity take hold as you sink into the floor, the grass, your bed... Savasana can really be done anywhere and either solo or together! Try to be non-reactive, even try not to wiggle or squiggle and instead give yourself the gift of stillness and complete relaxation, because YOU deserve it!!