Blue Hair Bow Outfit Inspo: What To Pair With Blue Hair Bows

We never ask ourselves what to pair with blue hair bows. The reason? Because our baby's closets are bursting with cutie pie items that go perfectly with blue, whether it's sky blue, cobalt blue, deep blue or navy blue. Blue hair bows have a super refreshing quality - they can lighten up any ensemble, especially if the outfit is full of vibrant colours. Little girls love blue boys because they aren't extra feminine and little boys love blue hair bows because they are a colour that represents depth and intelligence. That's right; we're going deep with the blue hair bow analysis. And to get real deep, blue is a colour that is supposedly highly beneficial for the mind and the body. So sporting a blue hair bow is good for your health!

Here are some of our favourite outfit ideas to pair with your baby's blue hair bow, whether it be a 6-inch hair bow for maximum wow factor, a 3-inch hair bow for a little zest or a 2-inch hair bow to keep stray hairs in order.

Any sunshine yellow: There's a reason that sky blue and sunshine yellow look so good together - it's because they were meant to be paired! Pop on a shirt that's sunshine yellow or with a sunshine yellow accent or design, like this cutie pie number from Whistle & Flute, and you're made in the shade.  

Kawaii Sun Tank Top

Purple Sparkles: We have a feeling we don't need to sell you on the magic super powers of purple sparklers and as close members of that side of the colour spectrum, pairing a deep blue with purple sparkles in the winter or a lighter blue in the summer months makes for a super sweet duo. We love this glittering mermaid shirt from Little & Lively. 

Dusty Rose: We were first inspired by this pairing when one of our dusty rose 2 inch bows fell right beside one of our sky blue 2 inch bows, and the rest is history. Don't count out navy blue to pair with dusty rose to give it a Victorian twist. We'd pair any of our blue hair bows with this dusty rose dress from Quincy Mae.