Black Hair Bow Outfit Inspo: What To Pair With Black Bows

A black bow is a girl's little black dress - throw it on with almost anything to give it a modern, dressed up look! Here are some of our favourite looks to pair with a little black bow!

3 Inch Black Ribbon Hair Bow

Pair A Black Hair Bow with a Black T-Shirt

We know, we know, this one is obvious but a black hair bow pairs great with a basic black tee, tying the whole look together in a very chic and purposeful manner. We love this sequin flippy shirt from The Gap, and frankly, we'd pair bright pink socks with this shirt too. 

product photo

Black Hair Bow + Black Denim Jacket = Alllll The Wins

When we were typing that header, we originally wrote all the wines, so you can tell where our heads are at. Black denim gives everyone an edgy cool factor, and a black bow ties the whole look together. Loving this ripped version from Zara. 

Image 1 of RIPPED DENIM JACKET from Zara

Animal Print Craves Black Hair Bows

Finding a bow to pair with animal print is almost IMPOSSIBLE. First off, the neutrals of each print are almost always different. Sometimes it's white and bright orange, other times it's ivory and taupe brown. You can't plan a bow for that! But a basic black bow will pair with almost any and every animal print, from leopard to snakeskin. Adore this little number from H&M! 

Black Hair Bow Paired with Leopard Print Dress

Black Bows Love Big Floral

And honestly, I as well love anything big floral. Black hair bows pair perfect with this massive pattern that just feels super fresh. Big floral can sometimes feel like a bit much so a basic black bow can turn it down a few notches. Love this pair of big floral tights from Old Navy! 

product photo